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Joe Hancock P-455, the "original" Quarter Horse versatility sire, was a 1923 15.3 hh brown stallion who was inducted in the AQHA Hall of Fame in 1992. In 2007 Western Horseman magazine chose Joe Hancock as number three on their list of top ten ranch horse bloodlines. HancockHorses.com is dedicated to providing a complete portal web presence to serve & represent all breeders of this important foundation bloodline whose horses are as successful & "modern" today as their ancestors were in the founding years. All members of the Hancock Horse Breeders Group list free in the Breeder Directory (scroll down). This website welcomes approximately 2500 - 3000 visitors per month, many who are "new" to this bloodline, and this site is kept updated regularly to provide reference for all.

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Our Hancock Horse Breeders FB group is your best source for reliable, unbiased & latest information about Hancock Horses on Facebook. It was the original Hancock group on Facebook, and still is the only one associated with this website. In keeping with this website's purpose, our Facebook group page shares the same goal: We strive to be the most accurate and complete source of Hancock horse information on the internet. To acheive this mission on Facebook, we do not permit drama, negative posters, or excessive self-promotion. The admins are Michelle Thompson, Jennifer Keller, Sally Tveldt & Donna Grace Vickery.



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Salty Blue Hancock, MA Quarter Horses

(the late Salty Blue Hancock,
photo courtesy MA QHs)

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How to Calculate Blood Percentages in your horse's pedigree. Since we receive so many inquiries about how to calculate the blood percentage of one ancestor in a horse's pedigree (Joe Hancock or Blue Valentine, etc.), here's a quick tutorial, written up by Jennifer Keller.

5-generation pedigree form - a free downloadable .pdf form you can open & print for record keeping or figuring blood percentages by hand.

Joe Hancock
AQHA Hall of Fame tribute
including additional information and photos of the Perche influence on the original Joe Hancock.

The Story of Joe Hancock. March 30, 2012, America's Horse (from Quarter Horse Magazine) One of the greatest quarter-mile horses in all history had a typically American “rags to riches” career.

Hancock Super Stars; a Directory of today's “Hot Hancocks!” A tribute to modern day Hancock horses who are carrying on the tradition of excellence in performance areas. Many Hancock horses of today are hard at work on ranches and feedlots, but, these featured horses demonstrate that Hancocks can hold their own with any QH performance bloodline. Anyone we have missed? Let us know. Not all these horses have pics: Do you have photos of these Super Stars we could use?

Lazy M Salty Blue

Lazy M Salty Blue of
RoansRUs, Alabama
piloted the Roan Zygosity test
with UC Davis in Feb 2009



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pedigrees, editor

Donna Grace
Donna Grace
ads, editor, weblackey

Heart ...
... or, Two Riders' Opinions

I talked to a friend
just the other day
who's got lots of opinions
and plenty to say.
We discussed what we both
like to see in a horse
His requirements and mine
were different of course?

He likes a clean throatlatch
and a long skinny neck,
and prefers that their hocks
are set close to the deck.
Short backs and hard feet
and clean slopin' shoulder,
and a gaskin that looks
like it swallered a boulder.

He likes a short face
and a big ol' soft eye,
and says these are the horses
he's likely to buy.
And when he'd completed
his lengthy discourse,
on all of the attributes
of the quality horse...

He asked my opinion;
... and ... where do I start?
I said that I ?
just want horses with heart.
I said I want heart
above all the other.
I don't care if he's
Smart Little Lena's full brother.

Or just how much money
that his grandmother won,
or whether he's roan,
palomino or dun.
But give me a horse
with some grit and some try,
and some heart and some guts
and that's one that I'll buy.

And I've found it's the same,
with a woman or man?.
the good ones won't quit you,
when the s*** hits the fan

by Monte Baker



A Hancock Compliment
... ya gotta see the humor in this!

He couId of said
you're sweet as pie
Or that you're prettier
than pasture posies.
He could have said
your company was precious
Or twice as nice as anything.

But no...
None of that would say it,
good enough to suit
And being shy,
he struggled w/ emotions,
seeking proper relevance--
and looking at his boots,
he found it, and spoke it
Before it slipped away,
or took a fright and hid again.

The finest compliment
that he could possibly imagine
He hoped she would realize
that even so
It still wasn't quite as much
As he would like to say.

"You are a woman
I'd be proud to ride beside," he said
"You remind me
of a really fine Hancock horse
The kind that
you can do anything astride
The kind that's full of try."

And she, shy too, swelled up w/ pride inside, and couldn't speak
But knew exactly what he meant
as she went racing home to Mother
Comparing herself to the supple athleticism, the tenacity,
The incomparable intelligence of the
Finest cow horses this country's ever seen...

She couldn't believe it
when her Mom kinda hurt her
Listening to her breathless recitation
Of his wonderful Hancock comparison
And laughed and laughed and laughed.

"That's great! Hancock horses...
Perfect wives!"
Dear Mother laughed and cried,
"Hard headed buckers, tough to break,
Big in the hind end,
and mostly ugly in the head!"

by cowgirl poet Sue Wallis,
recited in Elko, NV, at a cowboy poetry event...

submitted by Lou Wood
WA (Woodland Acres) Ranch
Flippin, Arkansas


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Hancock Horse Breeder Directory
Hancock bloodline Quarter Horse (AQHA) breeders
Hancock bloodline horses (ApHC, APHA, NACHR)
internet breeder directory


• Alexander Stock Farm (blueroans2.homestead) Eva AL
• Circle S QHs (circle-s-quarter-horses.com) Danville AL
• Crown Diamond QHs (roanhancockhorses.com) Blountsville AL
• L B Farms (foundationroans.com) Moulton AL
• Southern Oaks Ranch (southernoaksranch.com) Dothan AL
• Sunrise Farm (sunrisefarmquarterhorses.com) Harpersville AL


Bridle Bit Ranch (bridlebitranch.com) Marana AZ
• C & K Williams Quarter Horses (ckwilliamsquarterhorses.com) Vail AZ
• Lazy M Horses, Jim & Vicki Averill (lazymhorses.com) Willcox AZ


• Coyote Ridge Ranch LLC (coyoteridgeroans.com) Mulberry AR
• Perryman Ranches (perrymanranches.com) Viola AR
• TM QHs (tmquarterhorses.net) Farmington AR


• Bailey Performance Horses (baileysperformancehorses.com) Orland CA
• Griffith Quarter Horses (griffithquarterhorses.com) Williams CA
• Hart Quarter Horses (hartquarterhorses.com) Corona CA
• JPS Quarter Horses (jps-ranch.com) Moreno Valley CA
Naphan Blue Valentine Quarter Horses.com, Chico CA


• Comanche Quarter Horses (endofuranch.com) Pritchett, CO
• Granite Performance Horses (graniteperformancehorses.com) Collbran CO
• Holliday Made Horses (hollidaymade.com) Grand Junction CO
• KeSa Quarter Horses (kesaquarterhorses.com) Bellvue CO
• Lammey Quarter Horses (lammeyquarterhorses.com) Yuma CO
• Robins Nest Farms (blueroans.com) Lupton CO
• Wiley Hancock Horses (wileyhancockhorses.com) Dinosaur CO


• Southern Oaks Ranch (southernoaksranch.com) Marianna FL


• Angus Valley Stables (angusvalleystables.com) Bethlehem GA
• Bar Shoe H Livestock (barshoeh.com) Colbert GA


Fordsquarterhorses Peru IN


• B Bar C Quarter Horses (bbarcquarterhorses.com) Muscatine IA
• Dawson Quarter Horses (dawsonquarterhorses.com) Donnelson IA


• Bar 24 Ranch (bar24ranch.com) Holton KS
• Barber Quarter Horses (barberquarterhorses.com) Johnson KS
• Double T Quarter Horses (doubletquarterhorses.com) Highland KS
• Gooders Hancock Horses (goodershancock.com) Phillipsburg KS
• Jamison Ranch (jamisonranch.com) Quinter KS
• Spader Quarter Horses (spaderranch.com) Rosendale MO & Overbrook KS


• B & T Performance Horses (btperformancehorses.com) Leitchfield KY
• Stone Gate Farms (stonegatefarms.com) Flemingsburg KY


• L - 7 Ranch (lbar7.com) Ragley LA


Olde Tyme Quarter Horses, Stockbridge MI

Old Tyme Jeta Leah
Olde Tyme Jeta Leah, 13.25% Joe Hancock APHA mare


• 6 Shoe Quarter Horses (6shoequarterhorses.com) Sturgis MS
• Copperhead Creek Quarter Horses (ccquarterhorses.com) Hernando MS
• K & K Livestock (kklivestock.net) Louisville MS
• L 4 Quarter Horses (l4quarterhorses.com) Hazelhurst MS
• S B Farm & J H Farm (sbfarms.vpweb.com) Hickory MS
• T Beard Quarter Horses, (tbeardquarterhorses.com) Hernando MS


• 4 - C Livestock (4barclivestock.com) Verona MO
• Cedar Post Ranch (cedarpostranch.com) Winigan MO
• Cross Spur Ranch (crossspur.com) Humansville MO
• JT Blue Roans (jtblueroan.com) Diamond MO
• Rock Solid Quarter Horses (rocksolidquarterhorses.net) Calhoun MO
• Rocking K Bar Quarter Horses (rockingkbarquarterhorses.com) Braymer
• Spader Quarter Horses (spaderranch.com) Overbrook KS & Rosendale MO


• Abel Ranch Co Pineview Quarter Horses (pineviewqh.com) Custer MT
• Ayers Ranch (ayersranch.com) Loma MT
• Jim Overstreet (jimoverstreet.com) Big Timber MT
Landers Horses, Miles City MT
• Lazy T L Ranch (johnlmoore.com) Miles City MT
Mill Creek Quarter Horses, Lewistown MT
• W/X Quarter Horses (WXQuarterHorses.com) Corvallis MT


• CBS Quarter Horses (cbsquarterhorses.com) Max NE
• H Bar O Ranch (hbaroranch.com) Dix NE
• Laramie Blues Ranch (laramieblues.com) Henderson NE
• Martin Quarter Horses (martinquarterhorse.com) Orleans NE


• Bratcher Quarter Horses (bratcherquarterhorses.com) Stanley NM
• Diamond H Quarter Horses (diamondhqhs.com) Lybrook NM


• C - J Ranch (c-jranch.com) Randlett OK
• Walnut Creek Farms (walnutcreekhorses.com) Oklahoma City OK


• Feather Hill Stables (featherhills.com) New Columbia, PA


• Breezy Hill Farm (breezyhillfarmsc.com) Rembert SC


• Merrill Ranch (merrillranch.com) SD
• Lauing Ranch Quarter Horses (lauingquarterhorses.com) Blunt SD


• Holloway Quarter Horses (hollowayquarterhorses.com) Williston TN
J&M Performance Horses email, Adamsville TN
• Lost Creek Cattle Co (lostcreekcattlecompany.com) Lebanon TN


A & G Foundation Horses, Weatherford TX
• Aaron Ranch (aaronranch.com) Commerce TX
• Bancroft Quarter Horses (bancroftquarterhorses.com) Kerens TX
• Blue Roans 4U (blueroans4u.com) Groveton, TX
• CNR Quarter Horses (cnrquarterhorses.com) Lubbock TX
• MA Quarter Horses (mahorses.com) Rochester TX
P Lazy Quarter Horses email, 806-335-1479, Amarillo TX
• Raisin Roans Ranch (raisinroansranch.com) Gordon TX
• Running Bar W Ranch (runningbarw.com) Alto TX
• Spiller Ranch (spillerranch.com) Wingate TX
• Tom Millers Red Oak Ranch (tommillersredoakranch.com) Kaufman TX
• Turning Creek Ranch (turningcreekranch.com) Floresville TX
• Wagon Wheel Ranch (gisthorses.com) Lometa TX
• Wolter Ranch (wolterranch.com) Dodd City TX
• Wright Cattle Co (wrightscurs.com) Dryden TX
• Wright's Quarter Horses (bluevalentineheadquarters.com) Kenedy TX


• Heisler Quarter Horses (virginiacowboy.com) Winchester VA
• VA Hancock Horses (vahancockhorses.com) New Canton VA


• Blue Roan Quarter Horses (blueroanquarterhorses.com) Winlock WA
• Fisher Quarter Horse (fisherquarterhorse.com) Winlock WA
• Horn Rapids QHs (hornrapidsquarterhorses.com) West Richland WA
• Promised Land Ranch (promised-land-ranch.com) Wauconda WA
• Creekside Quarters & Paints (creeksidequartersandpaints.com) Tri-Cities WA


Diamond K Quarter Horses Clinton WI


• Broken Bones Cattle Co (brokenbonescattleco.com) Lander WY
• Broken Box Quarter Horses (brokenboxqtrhorses.com) Jay Em WY
• Powder River Horses (powderriverhorses.com) Arvada WY
• Millward Horses (millwardlivestock.com), Wilson WY


• Alberta Blue Valentines (albertabluevalentines.com) Cremona AB
Bar 5 S Quarter Horses Gordondale AB
• Bar X S Ranch (barxsranch.com) Coronation AB
• Fintry Quarter Horses (hancockhorses.com/fintry) Clive AB
• Heritage Hancocks (heritagehancocks.com) Endiang AB
• Prairie Blue QHs (pbqhfarms.com) Portage la Prairie MB
• Prairie Silver QHs (prairiesilverquarterhorses.com) Leader SK
• Rafter 7 Quarter Horses (rafter7quarterhorses.com) Churchbridge SK
Riverstone Ranch Quarter Horses) Lindell Beach BC
• Rutledge Quarter Horses (rutledgequarterhorses.com) Bonnyville AB
• Rocking Heart Ranch (rockingheartranchltd.com) Lethbridge AB
• Tuf Hancock Horses (tufhancockhorses.com) Prince George BC



• Coliban QHs (colibanqh.com/stallion.html) Newdegate - Western Australia

• Roan Ranch (roan-ranch.com) Baden/Wien - Austria

• M & P Ranch (podhradi.estranky.cz) - Czech Republic

• Joelle Schulcz & Alexandre Neau (elevagequarterhorse.fr)

• Hayday Ranch (hayday-ranch.de) - Germany
• Poco Steel Ranch (pocosteelranch.de) - Germany
• Sidon Ranch (sidon-ranch.de) - Germany

United Kingdom
• CPM Quarter Horses (cpmquarterhorses.com) South Wales - UK
• Diamond X Quarter Horses (diamondxquarterhorses.com) - UK


Roan Hancock

Roan Hancock at the Lowry Ranch, courtesy Orren Mixer
(If anyone has a color copy scan of this print we could use, let us know.)

"The maternal grandmother of Two Eye Jack was an own daughter of Roan Hancock
by Joe Hancock. That Joe Hancock must have been a heck of a horse."

~ Fred Lucero, Canutillo TX Feb 2010, AQHJ
(wife D'aun, sister to Olin Young, world champion calf roper)
(thanks Baru)

"For being out in rocks and rough country, with cows in the brush,
you need the Driftwood-Hancock horses."

~ Leroy Webb,
76 yr old New Mexico cowboy
January 2010 issue of Western Horseman
(thanks Lee)


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