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George & Sally Tvedt
Breeding Hancock Horses in Marion, North Dakota

"We always have on hand good one and two year olds and we'd love to show them to you,
so if you're ever in our area stop on by, the coffee pot is always on and the welcome mat out."

~ George & Sally Tvedt,  Marion, ND

Our love affair with Hancock Horses spans many years and has taken us on a long interesting journey. The good people we've met thru our horses has enriched our lives immensely. Gathering our band of mares was an interesting experience itself taking us all over this big beautiful country.

All journey's have their rough spots and this one was no exception... Sadly the first year West Nile hit our area, we lost several of our good mares, three with Joe Hancock on their papers. Our local vet had advised against vaccinations, feeling it wouldn't reach here that summer. Even with vaccinations last fall, we lost two more treasured mares, Wrede Smoky Hancock 26+% Joe Hancock and Bar Diamond Lil a grand old mare with Redman on her papers... but a wise old horse breeder once told us, if you can't bare losing em' you better not own em'.

Our first meeting with Vince Hayes began in a bidding war, for our red roan stud WT Red Roans Blue. How surprised we were when he told us his family owned Blue Valentine, and of course pleased that he also wanted this great horse. That meeting developed into a great friendship and respect.

We had followed the get of another stud, one from the Mel Potter program for over three years. The buckskin stallion, Yellow Cord, produced awesome babies, with great size, color and conformation. His colts just seemed a bit too spendy for our billfold, so we never were successful in coming home with one. You can imagine our surprise when we saw Yellow Cord listed in a North Dakota sale. We looked up his get and contacted owners of them. They all were really happy with them and the ability they showed. Happily we took him home and he continues to impress us with his foals and of course we loved the pedigree with Redman and Driftwood on his papers.

We were greatly honored to be a part of the last Wagon Wheel Ranch horse sale, along with the privilege of meeting in person our gracious hosts, Fred, Elaine and John Gist.

A life changing event occured in 1997 when our son George Boy was killed in an auto accident. Our lives were changed forever and not a day goes by that we don't miss him. We name each of our colts Tweety to honor his memory as he had this on his vanity plates. In this way we feel he is a part of our program.

In 2001 we took 5 of our mares to the Ray Wardell ranch in Gillette, WY to get them bred to Leo Hancock Hayes, who Ray was standing for Vince. Again a friendship began and we gained so much pedigree knowledge from Ray. Thru this breeding our blue roan son of Leo Hancock Hayes was born.... Tweety Boy Blue. His dam is Blue Lander from the Broken Bones Ranch. This gentle giant stood 16.2 as a two year old and produces big pretty colts with great minds and disposition.

A gentleman from Mississippi attended a North Dakota horse sale and bought some of our colts. Thru this sale a deep friendship with Charlie and Suzye Lovorn was born. We so enjoy their company and learning their culture, so different from ours in the upper midwest, yet in many ways the same. Our families have become close and even our grandkids feel theirs are family. In fact, none of us fly but we saw them 8 times last year. Last summer they came with more of their family and friends along with James and Karen Huey and friends. We all, along with our family and ND friends, traveled out to the ND badlands to ride. They all came back here and enjoyed riding in the eastern part of ND. George proudly rode with all 6 of our grandkids and our three daughters and son in laws, many of them mounted on offspring of our studs.

Our lives are blessed with three daughters and their husbands and our 6 grandkids, Tami and Jeff Mitchell, Richard and Annie; Amber and Todd Smith, Wyatt and George; and Georgia and Tom Long, Tanner and Tyrel. They all help greatly, be it sorting, trimming, or doctoring. Proudly we watch the grandkids become the best wranglers around, and of course our hearts swell with pride to see their love of good horses continue into a new generation.

Sally Tvedt's Sassy Ranch cowgirl jewelry

Sassy Ranch cowgirl jewelry. (Classy but still SASSY... one of a kind jewelry)

"Sally sells her quality jewelry to Western retailers and privately....which says alot about the ingenuity and hard work & imagination of rural people. It's a business venture that Sally has been working at for a few years now. I don't own one of her cowgirl necklaces - yet... but I have seen some of them in person and they are really nice!"  Michelle

Tvedt baby

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