River Lightning Bug

2007 AQHA Steer Roping Horse of the Year
(as voted by top PRCA cowboys)

River Lightning Bug AQHA 3564033 1996 red roan gelding
sire: Hum Bug Hancock 1991
3020270 red roan
sire: Heck No Hancock 1984
2222148 gray
sire: Lary Heck Hancock 1980
1589685 gray
dam: Hancock Cutie 1965
0465788 sorrel
dam: Hum Bug Bar 1976
1246054 red roan
sire: Doyles Bar 1960
0183652 bay
dam: Jud's Roanie 1963
0408463 roan

dam: Chekota Stormy River 1986
2494346 gray

sire: Rafter L Stormy 1981
1772584 gray

sire: Dusty's Blue Haven 1973
0944308 gray
dam: Vans Hancockmisty 1975
1143006 gray

dam: Outpost Frostyroan 1981
1786503 gray

sire: Sand Creek Charlie 1977
1309893 gray
dam: Outpost Samantha 1972
0842585 bay

Date: Friday, March 21, 2008 10:14 AM
From: Leslie Merrill
To: HancockHorses.com

Dear Donna and Michelle,

River Lightning Bug x Hum Bug Hancock was the River Lightning Bug2007 AQHA Steer Roping Horse of the Year (as voted by top PRCA cowboys). I personally am still all encompassed with the “proven performance ability” of Hancocks in the AQHA and PRCA arenas and was so excited to see this award given to a Hancock bred horse! Of course he’s closely bred to our stallion Hancock Silver Tonka and then of course Hancock Silver Buddy is also bred similar to these two! All sired by Hum Bug Hancock and the second two are world show AQHA horses with huge records etc. Anyway… In case you didn’t see the article (listing is shown below) - just thought maybe you’d be interested in this story line. It was all in the AQHA Americas Horse. Thank you! Leslie Merrill (Merrill Ranch)

AQHA 2007 Horses of the Year

Steer Wrestling
1. Rocks Eye Opener (Jessie), owned by Lee Graves, ridden by Lee Graves and Shawn Greenfield
2. FF Zans A Baron Jack (Zan), owned by Jim Burks, ridden by Rodney Burks
3. Docs Otoe Peppy (Smarty), owned and ridden by Billy Bugenig

Team Roping (Heading)
1. Precious Speck (Walt), owned and ridden by Travis Tryan
2. Lite My Dynamite (Sic Em), owned by Trevor and Shada Brazile, ridden by Trevor Brazile
3. (tie) Go Fish Burner (Blow Fish), owned and ridden by Brandon Beers
PC Lonewood Ike (Frisco), owned by Colter and Carly Todd, ridden by Colter Todd

Team Roping (Heeling)
1. (tie) Baileys Copper Doc (Diesel), owned and ridden by Randon Adams
Sunday Night Bingo (Amigo), owned by Patrick and Christi Smith, ridden by Patrick Smith
2. Owens Cub (Switch Blade), owned and ridden by Kory Koontz
3. Freckles Taz (Taz), owned and ridden by Kinney Harrell

Tie-Down Roping
1. Smash Par Fancy (Flip), owned by Paige Maass, ridden by Justin Maass and Scott Kormos
2. Leos Showtime (Scout), owned and ridden by Jake Hannum
3. High Little Sug (Boogie Man 2), owned and ridden by Mike Arnold

Steer Roping
1. River Lightning Bug (Shep), owned by Scott Shepard, ridden by C.A. Lauer
2. Foxy Duplicate (Pacific), owned by Shandon Stalls, ridden by Shandon Stalls and Guy Allen
3. Die Hard Romance (Roan Ranger), owned by Trevor and Shada Brazile, ridden by Trevor Brazile

PWBR Barrel Racing
1. Sixth Vision (Stitch), owned by Randy Pozzi and Brittany Pozzi-Pharr, ridden by Brittany Pozzi-Pharr
2. I Am Not TE (Slim), owned and ridden by Brandie Halls
3. (tie) Perryman Star (Amigo), owned by Tana and Marty Poppino, ridden by Tana Poppino
Top Tally (Tally), owned by Nathan Williams, ridden by Darlene Kasper

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