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Joe Hancock and Joe Hancock

Joe Hancock (horse & owner)

Joe Hancock

     During the formative years of AQHA, Joe Hancock caused a lot of controversy. Some swore by the stallion’s abilities and others cussed his breeding. Few horsemen could say what a Quarter Horse was, but they knew “it dang sure wasn’t a Percheron.” Joe Hancock was foaled in 1923 and was by John Wilkins, by Peter McCue, and out of a half-Percheron mare. Joe Hancock’s breeder, John Jackson Hancock, lived in the Canadian breaks of the Texas Panhandle. The rancher kept a band of 35 to 40 mares, and periodically bred five or six mares to a small Percheron stallion.
     As a long yearling, the brown colt was moved to Nocona, Texas, where John’s son, Joe lived. Joe ran a few ranch horses and did not need a stallion. The vet was called and the stallion was hobbled so he could be castrated. The vet, Jim Kingensmith, looked at the colt and said, “Joe, I’ve cut a lot of horses, and I’m fixing to cut another one. But damn, this is a helluva horse.” Joe looked at the brown colt, thought a minute, and said, “Let’s take those hobbles off.”
     After using Joe Hancock on cattle, the rancher thought the horse might have some speed. The stallion was sent to Bird Ogles in Oklahoma to race. Ogles took the stallion to a county fair, and the racing secretary asked for the colt’s name, Ogles said, “He doesn’t have one, but he belongs to a man named Hancock. Just call him Joe Hancock.”
     After scores of races, the stallion was sold to Bird Ogles’ son, George, for $1,000, an exorbitant amount during the Depression. The new owner turned around and sold the stallion to Tom Burnett, owner of the Burnett/Triangle Ranch for $2,000.
     Joe Hancock began his career as a senior stallion for the Burnett Ranches. Horses such as Red Man, Little Joe The Wrangler, Joe Tom, Roan Hancock and Brown Joe are remembered for their powerful builds and level-heads. Horsemen remember half brothers Popcorn and Peanut, sired by Roan Hancock, who won the hearts of ropers Shoat Webster and Everett Shaw.
     Joe Hancock died in 1943 at 20, and was inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame in 1992.

  • The American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and Museum tribute to Joe Hancock as posted on Facebook in May 2003. Joe Hancock was inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame in 1992. The AQHA photo and essay tribute is recorded and preserved here as well for the convenience all Hancock Horse enthusiasts who may not have access to "Facebook." We have also included a closer look at that controversial "Percheron influence."

  • The Story of Joe Hancock. March 30, 2012, America's Horse (from Quarter Horse Magazine) One of the greatest quarter-mile horses in all history had a typically American “rags to riches” career.

  • The Hancocks. Featured in "The Remuda" section of the 1960 Quarter Horse Digest, written by Charles Waite of Broadus Montana.

  • Get of Sire Records for Joe Hancock P-455. Listing and records on all progeny sired by Joe Hancock. Compiled from AQHA official records.

  • Joe Hancock. By Phil Livingston. "The Working Horse Magazine" April 2003. Thanks to Hayden Dunsworth & his father for submitting this good article.

  • Franklin Reynolds Tells… The Story of Joe Hancock; What a project! This is the complete original article (very long - 12 whole typewritten pages of text) that appeared in the 1957 Quarter Horse Journal. Plan to spend some time here! Frank Reynolds not only thoroughly discusses Joe Hancock and his lineage, he also discusses the early colonial American Quarter Horse, and why the Quarter Horse is not only the last American breed, but was also once the FIRST American breed of horse that all other American breeds were descended from. Also this article discusses how American Thoroughbreds are an original American breed, not the English breed. Fascinating stuff. Includes photos of John Jackson Hancock, Joe Hancock the man, Walter Hancock, several photos of Joe Hancock the horse, a racing photo of Joe Hancock, John Wilkens (Joe Hancock's sire) and Lindy (a brother). Thanks to Lee Jones for scanning & submitting this entire article, and to Michelle for typing it up! :o)

  • Joe Hancock P-455 ... by Bob Denhardt; February 1964 Quarter Horse Journal. Thanks to Don Woitte for this article.

  • Those Hancock Horses; old article written by Chuck King, taken from the November 1982 Western Horseman Magazine. Big thanks to Lou & Janet Wood, Woodland Acres Ranch, Flippin AR for generously submitting this article and to Valene Hackney for typing it up for us.

  • What Makes the Hancocks Handy?; old article By Mark Herra submitted by John L Moore from April 1951 copy of The Quarter Horse Journal. The last page was missing, subsequently provided by Lee Jones. Thanks, guys!

  • Joe Hancock; a poem, written & submitted by cowboy poet and long time Hancock breeder, Lee Jones, C-J Ranch, Randlett OK.

  • Who was Peter McCue? old photos & poem about Joe Hancock's grandsire; by J.A. Estes. Plus: How Peter McCue Got His Name by Otto Dover; The Quarter Horse Journal, April 1953.

  • Peter McCue. Jockey Milo Burlingame rode Peter McCue during a meet in St. Louis. In an interview years later, Burlingame said, “I never saw him raced with horses that could make him straighten his neck out.”

  • Joe Hancock Sons & Daughters; photos of Joe Hancock sons. Dun Hancock, Burnett Hancock (and son Hancock Rainy) also Joe Champ, Sonny Joe Hancock, Jo Jo Hancock, (Mr Hancock x Jo Jo Hancock), Panzarita Daugherty (by Little Joe the Wrangler), Little Joe the Wrangler (and Zella Hep, a granddaughter), Anne Joe, and Joan, 2 daughters of Joe Hancock.

  • Joe Hancock Sons page 2; photos of Joe Hancock sons. Joe Tom and Buck Hancock (who were selected to carry on the Hancock bloodline on the Burnett Ranch), Texas Tom F (by Joe Tom), George Hancock (by Joe Tom), Joe Hancocks Steeldust.

  • Red Man: son of Joe Hancock; 2 old photos of Red Man. Son of Joe Hancock, and sire of Blue Valentine. Also descendents: Redwood Jake, Cibecue Roan, Tio Red, John Red, Mr. Juniper Bar.

  • Red Man: Roan Powerhouse; 3rd old photo of Red Man. A Chapter from Nelson Nye's Book "Great Moments in Quarter Racing History" Submitted by Lee Jones.

  • Roan Hancock: son of Joe Hancock; old photos of Roan Hancock and descendents, including Dusty Hancock, Lowry Hancock, Popcorn, Roper, Lowry Boy 2 Lowry Girl 114, Darning Needle, Lady Hancock.

  • Dusty Hancock: All-Around Performer; son of Roan Hancock; By Willard H. Porter --(reprinted from The Quarter Horse Journal, 1948)

  • Buck Hancock: son of Joe Hancock; old photos of Buck Hancock and descendents, including Bar V Jo B, Heart Hancock & Lasso's Windsor.

  • War Chief: son of Joe Hancock; old photos of War Chief, racing etc., also War Drift and War Concho, famous sons.

  • Brown Joe Hancock A chapter about this son of Joe Hancock, from the rare out-of-print book "Shoat, a Champion Roper" by R.D. Carroll. (The story of Shoat Webster.) Sent to us by Lee Jones, C-J Ranch.

  • Little Black Joe: the Forgotten Hancock; By Norman E. Seargeant. Another son of Joe Hancock. This article was submitted by Sally Tvedt, a dedicated Hancock breeder along with her husband George. Thank you. Now added to our original webpage of old photos of Little Black Joe, Tarbaby, Schoolboy H, Wredes Classy Bay. More old photos added.

  • Blue Valentine: grandson of Joe Hancock; old photos & info. Son of Red Man. Also photo of Mr. Jack Daniels (full brother to Blue Valentine).

  • John Red. Son of Red Man. Reprinted from the *Quarter Horse News* June 1, 2003, Foundation and Ranch Horse Section, by Christie Miller. He set the pace for generations of South Dakota runners and ranch horses.

  • Bogie Black, the Untold Story, by Rickey Morales.

  • More old Photos of Hancock Horses; Collection of photos - various Hancock Horses from old books and magazines. (Quarter Hancock, Steel Bars, the great mare Flit, Osage Roan, Pelican, Plenty Coup, Copper Hancock, etc) PLUS we have included on this page additional excerpts about Joe Hancock gathered from old books & misc. sources - interspersed between the photos.

  • The Rodeo Kind; this is a 6-page article from the Nov 1980 AQHA Journal, with no page numbers and no author listed, about Hyde Merrit & family, and the kind of horses they raised; submitted before his death by Fred G. Gist of the Wagon Wheel Ranch Quarter Horses, and his son John.

  • Lady Lou Hancock; an article about a special Hancock bred roping mare - appearing originally in Western Horseman Magazine, written by cowboy author, roper & long time Hancock breeder, Jim Overstreet.

  • Ranch Horse Legacy ... The Blue Valentine Story, by Baru Spiller. Here it is, the article that appeared in the June 2004 Ranch Horse issue of the AQHA Journal, and again in the May 2005 Reining & Foundation issue of the Pacific Coast Journal, official publication of the Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Association, and again in the May 2006 issue of the Horseman's News in CA. This article helped spark a recent renewed surge of interest in this renowned bloodline.


Hancock Horse Breeders Group

Hancock Horses ~ History in the Making



Tom Hancock was on RFD-TV January 20, 2010.
He was on Red Steagall's Bunkhouse show.
They talked about Joe Hancock and Red called him the most dominant stud of all time.
It was a great interview. Lee Jones worked hard to get us this interview on DVD
so I could upload it on YouTube for all of us to enjoy.

click to see full size photo of both Joe Hancocks

Permission to post this photo granted by Tom Hancock to Lee Jones.
Click on photo to see the full-size version.

Tom passed away in February 2011. Here is his Obituary (.pdf)
Provided by Lee Jones, who added,

"Wasn't it a fitting ending for a great old cowboy. If you look at the Red Steagal interview, Tom had his spurs on there also. I saw him a couple years ago at the Texas ranch roundup trade show and Tom was looking at some cowboy caskets. They are really a pine box lined with a Navajo blanket. I told him they were too hard for me to lay on throughout eternity, I wanted one with some padding. He just laughed and told me I wasn't tuff enough. I didn't get to go to the funeral, I just wonder if he got the cowboy model. With his passing it's really the end of a era. I'm going to miss the old rascal."

  • Hancock Super Stars; a Directory of today's "hot Hancocks!" A tribute to modern day Hancock horses who are carrying on the tradition of excellence in performace areas. Many Hancock horses of today are hard at work on ranches and feedlots, but, these featured horses demonstrate that Hancocks can hold their own with any QH performance bloodline.

  • Blues Kingfisher dies at age

  • Leo Hancock Hayes Leo Hancock Hayes dies at age 27. Summer 2007. Photos & article by Baru Forell Spiller.

  • updated Cowhorse Confluence, by author John Moore, a partnership of linebred Peter McCue / Hancock horses in Montana - a breeder profile that outlines history being continued into the present day. Read John's tribute to Lynne Taylor (of Shepherd, MT, shown below on his stallion, Roanys Tomcat), who passed March 2008.

    The late Lynne Taylor, Shepherd Montana, on Roanys Tomcat.

  • King Hickory Star AQHA #3995647; article submitted by Karleen Hubley, Free Union, VA, whose big bay Hancock gelding shows how versatile these horses can be!

  • River Lightning Bug 2007 AQHA Steer Roping Horse of the Year (as voted by top PRCA cowboys)

  • List of 100% Roan-Producing Stallions; (homozygous roans) past and present. A long-time pet project of HancockHorses.com, which eventually led to proving roans can be homozygous. We do know of a couple non-Hancock bloodline AQHA stallions that are also 100% roan producing, but for our purposes have limited this listing to just Hancock stallions. Have we missed any? If so let us know. (Email Donna)

  • What Makes a Horse, "Hancock Bred?", by Michelle Thompson. Is your horse Hancock "bred" or Hancock "influenced?" This article covers guidelines for membership qualification. Your Hancock breeding horse(s) should have a minimum of 10% Joe Hancock blood.


Americas Horse

Well, since this is the articles page, we may as well include the article about us, HancockHorses.com -- featured in April 2008 AQHA members' America's Horse Magazine (distribution: over 311,000 to all 50 states, Canada and 70 countries). The article was written and submitted to AQHA by author John Moore of Miles City MT.

article [page one] on page 46    

article [page two] on page 47    



John Moore, Brett Badgett and Wally Badgett

John Moore, Brett Badgett and Wally Badgett from the DVD "Houlihan," released May 2008 by J&S Productions. "Houlihan" is the fourth in a series of documentaries on cowboys and horsemanship. The first three were "Tapadero," "Remuda" and "Hola Paniolo." "The 'Houlihan' production was filmed in northern Wyoming and much of Montana the past couple years. Locally it is available at Miles City Saddlery. You will have to check in your area or order through their website or by phone. I think this is a pretty good film," says John. John is the author of the April article about HancockHorses.com in the AQHA membership magazine, Americas Horse. John is the author of a couple thousand articles and eight books including the award-winning novel The Breaking of Ezra Riley. Brett's artwork is displayed in fine galleries and his bronze, "Laying the Trip," is featured on the grounds of the ProRodeo Hall of Fame. Wally, a former NFR bullrider, is the creator of the cowboy cartoon "Earl."

"Thank you John, for such a super job with the outstanding article in America's Horse about HancockHorses.com! And thanks for all the emails & letters we have received from Americas Horse and HancockHorses.com readers! Please keep them coming, write us any time, we love to hear from you!"  ~ Michelle Thompson & Donna G Vickery.

Hyde Merritt, Monroe Veach, and Shoat Webster

Hyde Merritt & Shoat Webster in an old WHM photo; August 1953

(submitted by Lee Jones)




Hancock Horse Breeders Group

many thanks to our

Featured Breeders


Joe Hancock

     We like to take time out and feature Hancock Horse breeders individually, to hear their personal experiences w/ Hancock Horses, and document why Hancocks are the bloodline of choice for so many practical working folks in the ranching and rodeo industry of today. It's also just plain fun for us all, to get to know one another in this business.
     We have slowed down a lot on this in recent years, but will still feature a new breeder article on occasion.
     If you or someone you know want to apply to be a featured breeder for the future, please give us a holler. We are always looking for fresh new material and photos (especially those not already on your website). Information about bloodlines, and interesting stories are well received by our readers. It doesn't have to be long. It doesn't have to be short.
     To own a Hancock Horse, or to breed them, is to automatically be on a soapbox, but, we do try to keep our breeder features as informative and entertaining as possible, and not just blatant ads. Still, you will need to answer the question, why do you own or breed Hancock Horses? So don't be afraid to brag just a little, we all understand that there won't be much way around that.


  • Mar-July 2005 - C-J Ranch - Breeding Fine Hancock Horses "We Raise the Kind Cowboys Ride" - Lee & Jackie Jones, Randlett OK. (Lee Jones contributed LOTS of the photographs of old Hancock Horses and a poem - featured on this website.)

  • Sept 2005 - Merrill Ranch, raising Performance Blue Valentine, Hancock Horses, Shawn & Leslie Merrill, in the heart of the Badlands, South Dakota.

  • Oct 2005 - Cowhorse Confluence, a partnership of linebred Peter McCue / Hancock horses in Montana. Read John's tribute to Lynne Taylor, who passed March 2008.  (This article is so important in bloodline & history documentation that it also warranted inclusion in the permanent article lineup above.)

  • Mar 2007 - 6 Shoe Quarter Horses, owned by Lee & Mary Scruggs, near Sturgis, Mississippi. Raising Hancock and Blue Valentine-bred using-type quarter horses with family-type personalities. Retirement home for Blues Kingfisher, 1977 own son of Blue Valentine, bred by Hyde Merritt, WY, owned by Charley Mahler, 7326 Hwy 9, Allen, Nebraska 68710 cmmahler@nntc.net 402-945-2951.

  • Jan 2009 - Vince Hayes, Thermopolis WY, (Tribute) by Baru Spiller.

  • Apr 2009 - George & Sally Tvedt, Breeding Hancock Horses in Marion, North Dakota.

  • September 2010 - Haden Quarter Horses, OK, home of Red Hot Hancock.

Sue Segal on Mac Double Ike

"Love your webpage on Blue Valentine. He is a legend and I love the mind set of his get. I own an 8 yr old sooty buckskin by Ruano Red Ike, from sire Ruano Rojo. This photo was taken at the 2005 San Bernadino Sheriffs PRCA Rodeo in Devore, California. I am riding with my rodeo drill team, The American Cowgirls on my Blue Valentine great grandson, Mac Double Ike. I have the ropers drooling over him, but I always tell them that he is not for sale. This buckskin is a dream. He runs rodeo drill, trails and camps like a pro and is always in a "let's get down to business" frame of mind. Strong, honest, consistent, handy... he is one of my favorites!" Sue Segal  (Robert L. Fletcher Photo)


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