Blue Valentine
grandson of Joe Hancock - son of Red Man

Blue Valentine, 1956 blue roan, "Blue"
pictured at Hyde Merritt's Ranch at Tie Siding, WY

Blue Valentine. "Old Blue" at the Hyde Merritt Ranch at Tie Siding, WY
Old Blue was 23 years old when this photo was taken by Jim Jennings
of the Quarter Horse Journal (November 1982 WH Magazine)

Blue Valentine's pedigree:

sire: Red Man
1935 roan
AQHA #1685
sire: Joe Hancock
1923 brown 15.3
sire: John Wilkens, 1906 bay
dam: Brown Hancock Mare, brown
dam: Burnett Roan Mare
1925 roan
sire: unknown
dam: unknown

dam: Beauty's Dream
1938 black

sire: Valentine
1927 black

sire: Lone Star, 1925 brown
dam: Escoba, 1924 brown

dam: Holcaks Beauty
1933 black

sire: Lon Martin
dam: Coleen Moore, 1920

This photo was taken in 1964 at Hyde Merritt's big roping at the old Merritt ranch, 19 miles west of Cheyenne. The Hayes family owned half interest in Blue Valentine at that time, and Del still owned the other half. Del won the calf roping on Blue Valentine and he and Lonny Jones won the team tying. This photo appeared in the September 1964 Western Horseman Magazine.

A letter to the editor...

Western Horseman February 1983
from Walter Lamar, a long time Hancock bloodline breeder.

Mr. Jack Daniels, a son of Red Man; full brother to Blue Valentine

These are probably the rarest photos of all.
Valentine, the grandsire of Blue Valentine.  (above)

I found this old NQHA magazine on eBay with these old photographs.
Also Valentine's sire Lone Star. (below) ~ Lee Jones

Blue's Contessa, bay mare by Blue Valentine
from America's Horse, submitted by Roz Smietanski

Jay Jay Jud by Blue Valentine

photo courtesy of Don Woitte

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