Joe Hancock son: Buck Hancock
photos collected by Lee Jones & Michelle Thompson

Buck Hancock #1479 1941 black
Joe Hancock x Triangle Lady 40 (Red Buck mare)

photo taken from a sale catalog for John Bowling

Buck Hancock, John Bowling Rex Keith aboard.

photo taken from QHJ Dec 1956

"This photo was incorrectly titled. John Bowling was my father, and the man aboard Buck Hancock in this photo was Rex Keith, the foreman of Triangle Ranch at that time. My father, John Bowling, was one of the first guys to start buying horses from the Triangle Ranch & the 6666's. I remember going with him when just a little girl, on horse buying trips. As I remember it, The Triangle Ranch warned that some of the Hancock horses were bad to buck, and some of the Grey Badger horses were hard to break. The 6666 Ranch also had the Hollywood horses. They used Buck Hancock on Hollywood and Badger mares. I remember Dad buying Easter King from them. Also Dad sold Hollywood Jack as a weanling." ~ Dorothy Ott, Reed Point, MT

Bar V Jo B. A daughter of Buck Hancock.
She was AQHA Honor Role Champion Rope Horse 1953

photo courtesy Lee Jones

Heart Hancock, 1979 Chestnut mare
Photo taken at 18 years of age - this mare is both a
paternal and maternal grandaughter of Buck Hancock;
carrying 56.25% of his blood.

photo courtesy Don Woitte

Lasso's Windsor, 1972 Gray
spring 1993 at 21 years of age in pasture breeding condition
by Lasso and out of the Buck Hancock daughter Sabrina Hancock

photo courtesy Don Woitte

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