reference sire
Blues Kingfisher

son of Blue Valentine

reference sire
Blues Kingfisher

AQHA 1304911

foundation 1977
blue roan stallion

owned by:

Charley Mahler
7326 Highway 9
Allen, Nebraska 68710

Blues Kingfisher  pedigree:
sire: Blue Valentine 1956
0097116 roan
sire: Red Man 1935
0001685 roan
sire: Joe Hancock 1923
0000455 brown
dam: Burnett Roan Mare
dam: Beauty's Dream 1938
0001391 black
sire: Valentine 1927
0025263 black
dam: Holcak's Beauty 1933
0001390 black

dam: Missus Robin 1966
0457329 chestnut

sire: Reedart 1959
0113936 sorrel

sire: Robin Reed 1949
0028978 sorrel
dam: Artemis 1949
0029525 sorrel

dam: Machero 1961
0181211 chestnut

sire: Begger's Bar 1956
0108101 chestnut
dam: Sweetwater 1952
0034005 chestnut

Thanks to 6 Shoe Quarter Horses for these photos of Kingfisher:

Kingfisher retired in winter 2004...  in a nice warm sunny climate!

Blues Kingfisher; retired 1977 blue roan stallion, last living son of Blue Valentine; owned by Charley Mahler, Allen, Nebraska. Most photos courtesy of Mary Scruggs, 6 Shoe Quarter Horses, MS, where Blue is now enjoying his retirement.


Blues Kingfisher the last living son of Blue Valentine, foaled in 1977, shown here fall 2008 at 31 years young babysitting his grandget. Mary said "the babies love to go over to Kingfisher's stall to visit, so we let him out to visit." According to Mary and Lee Scruggs, "Kingfisher is doing great! He still trots and lopes around his lot playing and aggravating his son Mr Blue Tom Hancock in the next lot. Years ago Kingfisher had a reaction to banamine, so the Scruggs have been scared to give him anything since. They always take him to CSU College of Veterinary Medicine for all his vaccinations just in case he has a bad reaction (he never has). Kingfisher was so cute to watch the last visit to CVM; "He bowed up and nickered at the girls and totally thought he was 10 years old." There is no doubt that the slick, fat & sassy Blues Kingfisher is enjoying a healthy and happy retirement under the loving and watchful care of Mary & Lee Scruggs of 6 Shoe Quarter Horses.

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