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Directions: Just right click on a logo and save to your computer. Upload it to your website and link it using the complete link (shown in red) above. Only members are listed in the Breeder Directory.

MEMBERSHIP in the Hancock Horse Breeders Group is free for those who qualify. Benefits consist of high visibility to a readership looking specifically for your horses. Basically, a member is a Hancock Horse breeder who qualifies as such to be listed in our directory on the main homepage. We originally listed all the Hancock breeders available on the internet (that we knew about) to build as complete a directory as possible. If we have missed anyone, or if a new breeder arrives on the internet, ask us about joining. After 7 years of providing free top-notch visibility on the internet, we decided to restrict the Directory listings to those who supported us in return by displaying a logo and link prominently on their website.

Qualification #1: To join Hancock Horse Breeders Group you must have a horse operation (or website) that includes breeding, selling, using or training Joe Hancock bred horses. Our guideline of what a "Hancock bred horse" is: breeding stock calculated to carry 10% or higher Joe Hancock blood, or show a significant bloodline percentage to one of Joe Hancock's influential sons or grandsons. See article: Hancock Bred? for more complete information. We reserve the right to establish & enforce eligibility requirements in accepting what constitutes a Hancock bred horse.

Qualification #2: If your horses qualify, please place a Hancock Horse Breeders Group logo with a link prominently on your website. Then you are invited to apply for membership and inclusion in the Hancock Horses member Directory. You may email either Michelle or Donna to apply.

Qualification #3: Breeders with serious ethics offenses or repeated deceptive practices are subject to impartial and fair use decline of membership, or removal of membership by administrative majority.

Suggestion #1: It probably goes without saying, but, we as a membership strongly encourage you to raise the highest quality horses possible, if you do breed horses. Breeding for desirable pedigree or color is a common recipe for failure. If you feel unsure about the conformation, ability, type or mind of your horse(s) the most admirable thing you can do is to seek counsel from a successful horse(wo)man that you trust. We all have more to learn, and most respected and successful Hancock breeders are honored to share their knowledge.

Suggestion #2: Your website and the photographs of your horses, are encouraged to be informational (show actual conformation), attractive (flattering) & of professional quality. On the internet, just like a magazine ad, the first visual impression is critical to marketing any program.

Thank you for your membership, participation and support. We will continue to work for your membership to be of value to you in marketing your Hancock Horses.

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John Wayne: "Get off your horse, and drink your milk."

"Get off your horse and drink your milk." ~John Wayne