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WELCOME to Hancock
by Michelle Thompson & Donna Vickery

Welcome to, members and visitors.

The Hancock Horse Breeders Group website is a partnership between Donna Vickery (Bucking V Outfit, Montana USA) and Michelle Thompson (Heritage Hancocks, Alberta Canada). Horses have been a part of our family's livelihood and pleasure for over 50 years collectively. We have been involved with every aspect of the equine industry at one time or another as ranchers, breeders, buyers, sellers, competitors, employees and volunteers. We feel this knowledge will serve us well, as we serve you, Hancock bloodline breeders and enthusiasts.

Our goal is to generate greater interest in this respected bloodline of working Foundation American Quarter Horse. We wish to reach a targeted audience that is looking for a horse of Hancock lineage and those who are considering a Hancock for the first time. We want to connect breeders with buyers, sellers, competitors and other breeders. This is why we decided to make our membership free, we didn't want anyone left out.

Joe Hancock's superior speed and sound conformation are just as relevant to his modern descendants and today's competitive horseman as they were 70 years ago. Our goal is to educate the public about Joe Hancock P455 an AQHA Hall of Fame Inductee. We promote all lines to Joe Hancock to preserve genetic diversity and breed vigor.

This website has come a long way from the first graphic put up Jan 01, 2005. Our enthusiastic members have contributed scores of photos and wonderful articles, located on our articles and history page. We would like to publish many more articles on the website in the coming months, and we welcome submissions of more articles for consideration.

We have added a "Featured Breeder" section to the articles page, to give visitors and breeders a chance to get to know each other and to document how our members use their horses and why they have chosen Hancock bloodline Quarter Horses.

Our plans are to continue expanding this website and to explore ways to offer advertising opportunities to our members. We have advertised this site in The Western Horseman, The Working Horse Magazine and Quarter Horse News. More advertising in prominent Western and Equine publications is planned for the future. Members have already made many sales from inquiries generated directly from

We have a message board (forum) so our members and interested horseman can communicate easily and discuss current subjects. Please feel free to post your bloodline or other Hancock horse questions or tell us how you use your Hancock horse. Do you have an event in your area that features Hancock bred Quarter Horses? Tell us about it. We already know that Hancocks are genuine ranch and rope horses, in the pasture and in the arena valued by real working cowboys/cowgirls and rodeo competitors. Hancocks are formidable competitors when shown in Foundation and AQHA Quarter Horse shows by both professional and amateur horseman. They are also great out on the trail. Did you enjoy success in an event that is usually dominated by another bloodline or breed of horse? These are the kind of stories we would love to hear about.

The internet has quickly become a powerful marketing tool for the horse industry. Internet advertising is more than just an acceptable alternative to paper advertising. It is becoming critical. Horse sales are being broadcast live over the net and internet bidding is now common practice. And even more common, are folks whose number one method of selling stock is through internet websites and advertising.

Because of this trend, another important function of is to provide horse breeders with a trustworthy source when marketing their horses on the internet. If you wish to stand out from the crowd, our advertising rates for display, photo ads or Ranch or Stallion pages, are hard to beat in quality and price, and we have an unparalleled targeted audience. Perhaps your website would benefit from a facelift making it easier to navigate or more attractive to potential clients. We can be particularly helpful with your first website, or improving a current website. See our prices page & contact Donna with questions or for a website consultation. Customer satisfaction is our number one concern. You are not charged until you have the ad or website that you want.

You might be surprised how much we enjoy hearing from our members and readers! Don't hesitate to email us & send us feedback or input at any time. We would like to thank those of you who have gotten in touch, made contributions, who have purchased advertising or have given us such positive and encouraging comments about our progress and development, and yes, even extended friendship! We are blessed! We have enjoyed every minute of this website's evolution and are excited about the future of and the wonderful horses, breeders, friendships and opportunities it represents.

Best Regards,

Donna Vickery, Bucking V Outfit, Montana

 Michelle Thompson, Heritage Hancocks, Alberta

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ALL Newsletters will be posted online a week or so after each mailing, and the links to each of them will be placed on this webpage, at the top, to the left.

How to use this website: Hancock

Visitors: Welcome! All breeders listed in the BREEDERS DIRECTORY above have complimentary memberships in the Hancock Horse Breeders Group. If you contact, or sign the guest book of any breeder listed here please let them know you found them at!
If you run across any broken links or innappropriate content on any links, please report them immediately by emailing us. We are committed to keeping this site updated and "family friendly" for your viewing enjoyment.

Membership: Members receive a free listing here in the Hancock Horse Breeders Directory. To qualify, members must have a horse operation (or website) that includes breeding, selling, using or training horses of the Hancock bloodline. If you qualify, email and apply to join today - it's free! We do ask that your site be fairly current in content, and we ask that you place the Hancock Horse Breeders Group membership logo prominently on your website with an exchange link. (Go to members page for logo and instructions.) For members without internet or websites, we can still list you in the Offline Member Directory, with your email address or phone number.

NAVIGATION: All classified ads and announcements on this website appear on one of two pages: either the Stallion Directory webpage or the Classified Ad webpage. All stallion service ads, and stallions-for-sale (or lease) ads will post on the Stallion Directory. All other ads, sales, auctions & announcements will post on the Classifieds webpage.

BULLETIN BOARD: We have a Hancock Horse Breeders Bulletin Board, where both members & visitors can freely discuss issues & exchange ideas. Sometimes people post ads on the bulletin board, and when we see ads there, we do grab those & add them to the free text ads on the classified pages.

NEWS: Our members are REALLY generous when it comes to submitting GREAT old historical articles & photographs of Hancock Horses! THANK YOU to all who have contributed! And, keep 'em comin'! What we can also use are articles & photos of Hancock Horses in use TODAY.

Does anyone have any old photos of any other "greats" that we don't have pictures of yet?

NEWSLETTER: This is our first Newsletter. As our list of subscribers grows, we will send out periodic news & announcements in future Hancock Horse Breeders Group Newsletters. Sign up today (it is a free service, and we do not share your email address w/ anyone else). We expect to email out this newsletter only OCCASIONALLY, when time-sensitive announcements and newsworthy items of interest come up (it won't be annoyingly frequent). Also: to unsubscribe, you must use the same subscription form (on main homepage), that you used to subscribe. (We cannot subscribe or unsubscribe you ourselves.)

Thank you!

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