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You have the option (scroll down for directions below) to print the pedigree form WITH or WITHOUT this official Logo watermark background:

Directions for how to change your browser settings to print or not to print the background of a webpage:

With Internet Explorer:

1. In your Internet Explorer browser window...

2. Click the Tools menu, Options, and select the Advanced tab.

3. Scroll down to the "printing" category. Make sure the box for printing backgrounds is either CHECKED or NOT CHECKED, to allow you to print or not print the background images from the webpage. Then click OK.

 With Netscape:

1. In your Netscape browser window...

2. Click File, Page setup...

3. Make sure the "Print backgrounds" box is checked or unchecked.

That's it. Directions are the same for FlashPeak's SlimBrowser. With experimentation, we find that the print icon button on the lower toolbar in some cases delivers different results than the toolbar's File > Print and File > Print Preview results. So experiment there next, if your results don't follow these directions.

I don't know about the Mozilla or AOL browser.

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