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Red Rooster Hancock

sire: Hancock Duplicate sire: Lowry Boy 36 sire: Roan Hancock
dam: Lowry Girl 39
dam: Seminole Lucy sire: Blue Hancock
dam: Seminole Cupcake

dam: Hancock Amanda

sire: Seminole Charley

sire: Blue Hancock
dam: Mekasukey Lady

dam: Hancock Polly

sire: Lowry Boy 36
dam: Seminole Lucy

Red Rooster Hancock

Walter Lamar and Hancock Duplicate
Red Rooster Hancock
is a 1995, 25% Joe Hancock liver chestnut son of the late Walter Lamar's Hancock Duplicate (left). It is getting harder to keep the percentages up. If you have a high percentage Joe Hancock mare you'd like to breed, lets talk! Contact Jim Averill - call 480-982-1551 or email lzmqhorses@earthlink.net Lazy M Ranch, Willcox, AZ (2014)


Azule Caballo, 08-05-17

For Sale: Azule Caballo AQHA #5688191
DOB: 03/30/15
Height: currently 15.1 hh at 2 years
Color: blue roan
DNA tested E/E, a/a, RnRn, 5 panel N/N

If you are looking for size, color and conformation, this young stallion has it all. This beautiful, gentle, stallion is correct, has good size (already 15-1 at two years old), and has a classy head and neck. He is proven (he has covered one mare so far and she is confirmed in foal). Price: $9500

Contact: Sherry Knapp (559) 665-2908
email: sherry@lazykranch.com
Location: Lazy K Ranch, Chowchilla, CA


Azule Caballo

  sire: Crown Diamond Blue sire: Smokum Blue Hancock sire: Blue Apache Hancock
dam: Freidas Choice
dam: Mucha Blue Bonnet sire: Leo Hancock Hayes
dam: Mucha Zorrita

  dam: JRS Caballos Cowgirl

sire: Azuls Hancock Poco

sire: Reed Me Azul
dam: Miss Hancock Poco

dam: Oldetyme Azure

sire: Buck N Badger
dam: Honeybird Hancock


Wright Cattle Co, Standing 5 stallions to the public for 2017. Breeding all day usin' horses - the kind the working hand can make a living on, day in, day out. Line bred Joe Hancock, Blue Valentine, Royal King, Dick Sonoita, King P234, Yellow Jacket and other proven, exceptional foundation genetics. Call Randy Wright, 432-345-3047, Texas.

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Mr Blackburn 060

sire: Fortys Last Chance sire: Mr Blackburn 40 sire: Pretty Buck
dam: Lady Cowan 5
dam: Miss Bonita Eleven sire: Mr Blackburn 11
dam: Harrys Cindy

dam: Eighty Eight Ann

sire: Mr Blackburn 88

sire: Mr Blackburn 40
dam: Vinita Kay

dam: Blackburn Ann

sire: Mr Blackburn 38
dam: Jagged Ann

At Stud: Mr Blackburn 060 (enable popups) – AQHA dun stallion, 14.3 hh, 1200 lbs, a proven producer with 3 matched pairs of chromosomes. One of the highest percentage combined Pretty Buck & Blackburn stallions alive. He is 37.50% Mr Blackburn 40; 25% Pretty Buck; 21.88% Blackburn; 12.50% Pretty Boy; 11.72% Peter McCue; 11.23% Yellow Jacket. 2017 Stud Fee: $1000, shipped semen only.

WCC Royal Blue Hondo

sire: Boonsmal San Lena sire: Peptoboonsmal sire: Peppy San Badger
dam: Royal Blue Boon
dam: Miss San Tart sire: Smart Little Lena
dam: Miss San Tari

dam: Lauras Royal Gal

sire: Waggoner Royal

sire: Royal King
dam: Freckles Lady 81

dam: Lesas Baby Doll

sire: Junior Man
dam: Squaws Lesa
At Stud: WCC Royal Blue Hondo (enable popups) 2004 AQHA red roan stallion - 14.3 Hands, 1100 pounds, used and shown in southern California and Mexico in reining, working cow horse and roping. He has a 10 generation coefficient of inbreeding: 2.56+%. WCC Royal Blue Hondo is 12.79% King P234, 21.09% Royal King, 12.50% Old Man and 9.18% Old Sorrel.
2017 Stud Fee $750.

PG Six Bee Sugar 07

sire: PG Six Bee sire: PG Dry Fire sire: Playgun
dam: The Dry Look
dam: Six Bee 110 sire: Karens Six Bee
dam: Happy Hancock Ninety

dam: Sugar Six Bee

sire: Karens Six Bee

sire: Flying X 6
dam: Tee J Madonna Bee

dam: Pack Of Sugar

sire: Badger Buck 2
dam: Sugar Top Ryder

At Stud: PG Six Bee Sugar 07 AQHA# 4953229 – dun & gray, 14.2 hands, 1150 pounds, "Seven" is a proven producer with 2 matched pairs of chromosomes (King P234 & Poco Bueno each had 1 matched pair of chromosomes and produced dynasties). Fancy cowboy gray, born a zebra striped, lineback dun that later grayed out, heavy bone and muscle, short back, long underline, long powerful hanging hip, big gaskin and stifle, deep V chest, strong heavy muscled forearm and heavy hanging shoulder, flat kneed, low hocked, beautiful head, big powerful jaws, big, pretty, soft, kind eye, outstanding, quiet disposition, really wants to please! A using ranch horse and proven producer with many of the industry's greatest foundation producers / genetics, and some of today’s most outstanding cow horse performance individuals and producers, wrapped in one outstanding package. Carrying 37.50% Karens Six Bee; 25% PG Dry Fire; 18.75% Flying X 6; 12.50% Playgun, 9.375% Jackie Bee; 6.64% Grey Badger II. Line Bred 11X King P234; 11X Yellow Jacket; 10X Old Sorrel; 5X Waggoners Rainy Day; 4X Buck Hancock; 3X Blue Rock, who with 2 matched pairs of chromosomes, is bred to be an outstanding, dominant producer. 2017 Stud fee $750.

King N Jabalina

sire: Jet Ray King sire: Kings Destiny sire: King P234
dam: Cody Blossom
dam: Chicos Bad Monday sire: Chicos Benjamin
dam: Bad Monday

dam: Diamond N Jabalina

sire: Senior Bailey

sire: King P234
dam: L H Jo Ann

dam: Big Beauty Boy

sire: Wrights Boy
dam: Princess Day Bee

At Stud: King N Jabalina 1999 AQHA red dun stallion, loaded with fancy cowboy chrome and zebra dun factor - 14.3 hh - 1100 lbs – 28.13% King P-234; 25% Senior Bailey; 14.84% Zantanon; 10.06% Traveler; 8.89% Old Sorrel (24X). King N Jabalina is line bred ~ 24X Hickory Bill; 10X Yellow Jacket; 6X Yellow Wolf; 6X Ranchero; 4X Hired Hand; 4X Peppy P-212; 3X Waggoners Rainy Day; 2X Hiredhands Cardinal, just to name a few of the foundation legends he’s line bred to. King N Jabalina has 1 matched pair of chromosomes (the same as King P234 had, who produced one of the greatest cowhorse dynasties of all time). King N Jabalina is a proven producer, ranch and arena using horse that has been used prowling, penning, catching cattle in the pasture, used to doctor, sort cattle on the ranch as well as salebarns, and is a heeling horse with an outstanding disposition and natural cow; a complete, outstanding All Around cow horse, with natural speed, cat-quick agility that will naturally watch a cow hard, strong from the horn, deep natural sliding stop. Straight, correct, typical foundation bulldog conformation; short back, long underline, big sloped hip, deep V chest, nice muscle and bone, pretty head and neck, big, soft kind eye. Line bred from true foundation cow horse dynasties that have stood the test of time and are still a major impact today on the Cow Horse world, both ranch and arena. 2017 Stud fee: $750.

Happy Blue Badger 10
sire: Happy Eddie Six Bee sire: Karens Six Bee sire: Flying X Six
dam: Tee J Madonna Bee
dam: Handy Blue Jeans sire: Handy Eddie Cinco
dam: Pretty Blue Jean

dam: Blue Sugar Badger

sire: Flying X Six

sire: Salty Blue
dam: Marlene Kid

dam: Pack Of Sugar

sire: Badger Buck 2
dam: Sugar Top Ryder

Happy Blue Badger 10 2005 AQHA gray stallion - Happy Blue Badger is line bred to legends ~ Peter McCue 37 times, Midnight 13 times, Yellow Wolf 13 times, John Wilkins 10 times, Joe Hancock 7 times, Yellow Jacket 7 times. Happy Blue Badger 10 is line bred Hollywood Gold and Blue Rock, one of the foundation Quarter Horses greatest genetic cornerstones including Best Remuda Award winners for 6666 & RA Brown Ranches in the reining & Cow Horse industries. 2017 Stud fee: $750.

Wright Cattle Co. Over the years in Texas, of all the working bloodlines available out there, Blue Rock, Hollywood Gold and Gray Badger have produced some of the best Joe Hancock crosses for us. That is one thing we love about Seven and Happy Blue Badger 10, they both carry all three. In our experience, these 3 lines are the most important for adding natural cow, while not hurting size, bone or speed and the best in history proven blended over Joe Hancock. Anyone needing an outcross over high percentage Joe Hancock mares should really study and think about this stallion battery. $10 per day mare care; shipped cooled semen is available. PO Box 6 Dryden, Texas 78851, email Wright Cattle Co or call 432-345-3047   (17)


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