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For Sale, standing until sold:
Plenty Glassy Coup AQHA 2008 brown roan stallion, 50% Gooseberry, 15.2 hh, 1200 lbs. as a 3 year old; he is very easy to be around, very gentle and loves people. $4500. Western Montana. (2014)



For Sale: "Rooster" brown roan stallion, is an 8yr old own son of Leo Hancock Hayes. He has thrown 100% roan. He is 15 hands. He is a real easy horse to ride. He moves really nice; stops hard, moves off your feet, light in the mouth. He is very broke. I have just started roping on him and he is coming along great. He is going to be a nice heel horse (he is big enough to head on). My 7yr old boy rode him on an elk hunt over deadfalls, through creeks, and over rough country. We threw an elk on him and he didn't skip a beat. He is always just cool and calm. He is a horse you can put anyone on but he is not a dead head. I have hand bred him and pasture bred him with no problems. Price $12,000. Please email or call Steve if interested. 435-862-1249. He is located in Southern Utah.    (2014)



Standing for 2014. Breeding all day usin' horses - the kind the working hand can make a living on, day in, day out. Line bred Joe Hancock, Blue Valentine, Royal King, Dick Sonoita, King P234, Yellow Jacket and other proven, exceptional foundation genetics. Wright Cattle Co, TX 78851, call 432-345-3047 (14)

Mr Blackburn 060

sire: Fortys Last Chance sire: Mr Blackburn 40 sire: Pretty Buck
dam: Lady Cowan 5
dam: Miss Bonita Eleven sire: Mr Blackburn 11
dam: Harrys Cindy

dam: Eighty Eight Ann

sire: Mr Blackburn 88

sire: Mr Blackburn 40
dam: Vinita Kay

dam: Blackburn Ann

sire: Mr Blackburn 38
dam: Jagged Ann

At Stud: Mr Blackburn 060 – AQHA dun stallion, 14.3 hh, 1200 lbs, a proven producer with 3 matched pairs of chromosomes. One of the highest percentage combined Pretty Buck & Blackburn stallions alive. He is 37.50% Mr Blackburn 40; 25% Pretty Buck; 21.88% Blackburn; 12.50% Pretty Boy; 11.72% Peter McCue; 11.23% Yellow Jacket.
      Mr Blackburn 060 is a son of Fortys Last Chance – Producer of ROM Performance Offspring, including the 1997 IBHA Congress Reining Champion, Mr Blackburn 932 ( Quarter Horse Congress - ROM Performance, Wisconsin Reining Champion ~ Full Brother to Mr Blackburn 940, Halter Point Earner & Performance Point Earner and Mr Blackburn 060 and Mr Blackburn 970 ), and several AQHA Reining ROM Earners, Point Earning Working Cow Horse, Arena Rope Horse Money Earner, and Exceptional, Complete All Around Ranch Using Horses. Fortys Last Chance foals were known for their Hard Natural Cow Sense.
      Mr Blackburn 060 is linebred 37.50% Mr Blackburn 40 - AQHA Champion, '73 O, Halter Point Earner, Performance Point Earner, ROM Performance, '71 O, Total Points Earned: 41.5; Halter Points: 17 ~ Performance Points: 24.5; Offspring Record for Mr Blackburn 40 ~ Superior Performance Offspring ~ AQHA Champion Offspring ~ ROM Performance Offspring ~ Halter Point Earners ~ Performance Point Earners. - AQHA Offspring Record for Mr Blackburn 40 ; Total Points Earned: 343.5; Reg Foals: 147; Number Shown: 16; Point Earners: 11; Halter Points Earned: 35; Halter Point Earners: 7; Performance Points Earned: 308.5 ~ Performance Point Earners: 10 ~ Performance ROMS: 7 ~ Superior Performance Awards: 1 ~ Show All-Around; 1 ~ AQHA Champions: 1 ~ Total Superior Awards: 1 ~ Total ROM's: 7.
       Mr Blackburn 060 is linebred 25% Pretty Buck – Halter Point Earner, Outstanding Calf Roping Horse Trained by Matlock Rose; Offspring Record for Pretty Buck ~ World Champion Offspring ~ Reserve World Champion Offspring ~ Superior Halter Offspring ~ Superior Performance Offspring~ AQHA Champion Offspring ~ ROM Performance Offspring ~ NCHA Money-earners, NCHA World Champion, NCHA & AQHA Hall of Fame Sire. Sire of 274 AQHA foals: 9 AQHA Ch, 30 ROM Performance, 4 Superior Halter, 2 Superior Performance. Leading Sire/Maternal Grandsire list of AQHA Champions.
      Mr Blackburn 060 is linebred 21.88% Blackburn – # 5 All Time Leading Maternal Grandsire of AQHA Champions with 43 Daughters Prod ROMs; sired 168 Registered Foals, 11 Performance Foals. Offspring Record for Blackburn ~ ROM Performance Offspring ~ Halter Point Earners ~ Performance Point Earners. ROM ARENA OFFSPRING: Buster Waggoner, Performance ROM, NCHA Money Earner & Red Waggoner, Performance ROM.
Stud Fee: $1000, Shipped Semen only.

Berry Sweet Whizard

sire: Whizard Jac sire: Topsail Whiz sire: Topsail Cody
dam: Jeanie Whiz Bar
dam: Beez Honey Jac sire: Hollywood Jac
dam: Bees Great Pine

dam: Smokes Berry Sweet

sire: Mr Smoken Eightysix

sire: Hollywood Jac
dam: Miss Glenda Smoke

dam: Be Berry Sweet

sire: Dun Berry
dam: Leo San Dunny
Berry Sweet Whizard AQHA #4431014 - Smoky Grullo. A Proven Producer with 1 Matched Pairs of Chromosomes. (King P234 & Poco Bueno each had 1 Matched Pair of Chromosomes and Produced Dynasties). Whizard stands 14.1 Hands, 1050 Pounds and carries 25% Hollywood Jac 86, 12.50% Easter King, 10.84% King P234, 8.30% Hollywood Gold - 4 X, Line Bred Old Sorrel - 18X, Yellow Wolf - 15X, Yellow Jacket - 11 X, Waggoners Rainy Day - 8 X, Pretty Boy - 4 X, Leo - 4 X. 2014 Stud Fee: $1000, Shipped Semen only. See more information on Whizard here (pls enable popups).
Happy Blue Badger 10
sire: Blue Man Gist sire: Rowdy Blue Man sire: Blue Valentine
dam: Hydel Girl 44
dam: Hot Pants On sire: Clown Hancock
dam: Madge Hancock

dam: Rowdys Raisan

sire: Rowdy Blue Man

sire: Blue Valentine
dam: Hydel Girl 44

dam: Jags Miss Bailey

sire: Jaggidy Jack
dam: Ms Domino Bailey

Happy Blue Badger 10 (above) AQHA 2010 gray stallion - Happy Blue Badger is Line Bred to Legends ~ Peter McCue 37 times, Midnight 13 times, Yellow Wolf 13 times, John Wilkins 10 times, Joe Hancock 7 times, Yellow Jacket 7 times. Happy Blue Badger 10 is line bred Hollywood Gold and Blue Rock, one of the Foundation Quarter Horses Greatest Genetic Cornerstones including Best Remuda Award Winers 6666 & RA Brown Ranches and in the Reining & Cow Horse Industries. 2014 Stud fee: $750. See more info here.

Sonoitas CowboyDrift
sire: Bar Five Gray Bob sire: Sonoita Whopper Glo sire: Sonoita Slim
dam: Glo Princess Creek
dam: Bar Five Billy Bob sire: Bar Five Poco Gray
dam: Billie Farm

dam: Drifters Jacky 073

sire: Mr Hancock Drift

sire: Hancock Thirteen
dam: Honey Drift

dam: Jackys Canal

sire: Guatemala Canal
dam: Jackys Eddie


Sonoitas CowboyDrift (above) AQHA #5339544, 2010 gray stallion, 15.1 hh, 1200 pounds. Big stout, heavy bone and muscle, long sloped heavy hanging hip, big gaskin and stifle, heavy hanging shoulder, deep V chest, short back, long underline. Breaking cat quick agile athletic arena speed and quickness, long-strided, big mover and stopper loaded with hard natural cow, deep bottom, huge motor and hair trigger. All the cowboys argue over who is going to ride him everyday, he is the smoothest moving horse there and double tough. He is dirty wicked watching a cow and will jerk a knot in an 1800 pound bull in half a heartbeat and never know he took the jerk. Extremely fast, long strided and covers the country fast and takes the heavy riding and use all day long everyday, never has taken a bad step. Performance bred athlete that is a proven ranch using horse! 2014 Stud fee: $750.

King N Jabalina

sire: Jet Ray King sire: Kings Destiny sire: King P234
dam: Cody Blossom
dam: Chicos Bad Monday sire: Chicos Benjamin
dam: Bad Monday

dam: Diamond N Jabalina

sire: Senior Bailey

sire: King P234
dam: L H Jo Ann

dam: Big Beauty Boy

sire: Wrights Boy
dam: Princess Day Bee

King N Jabalina AQHA 1999 red dun stallion, LOADED with fancy cowboy chrome, and fancy zebra dun factoring all over - 14.3 hh - 1100 lbs 28.13% King P-234; 25% Senior Bailey; 14.84% Zantanon; 10.06% Traveler; 8.89% Old Sorrel (24X).
      King N Jabalina is line bred ~ 24X Hickory Bill; 10X Yellow Jacket; 6X Yellow Wolf; 6X Ranchero; 4X HIRED HAND; 4X Peppy P-212; 3X Waggoners Rainy Day; 2X Hiredhands Cardinal, just to name a few of the Foundation LEGENDS hes line bred to.
      King N Jabalina is a PROVEN PRODUCER, Ranch and Arena Using Horse that has been used Prowling, Penning, Catching Cattle in the pasture, Used to Doctor, Sort Cattle on the Ranch as well as Salebarns and is a Heeling Horse with an Outstanding Disposition and Natural Cow. PROVEN Producer and Proven Complete, Outstanding All Around Cow Horse, with Natural Speed, Cat Quick Agility and will NATURALLY Watch a Cow Hard, Strong from the Horn, Deep Natural Sliding Stop! Straight, Correct, Typical Foundation Bulldog Conformation, Short Back, Long Underline, Big Sloped Hip, Deep V Chest, Nice Muscle and Bone, Pretty Head and Neck, Big, Soft Kind Eye. Line Bred from True Foundation Cow Horse Dynasties, King P234 and Foundation KING RANCH Genetics,( Old Sorrel, the stallion Bob Kleberg FOUNDED The King Ranch Quarter Horse Breeding Program ON, and MANY of his MOST Exceptional Producing Sons, including HIRED HAND ), that have stood the test of time and are still a Major Impact today on the Cow Horse World, BOTH Ranch and Arena. 2014 Stud fee: $750

PG Six Bee Sugar 07

sire: PG Six Bee sire: PG Dry Fire sire: Playgun
dam: The Dry Look
dam: Six Bee 110 sire: Karens Six Bee
dam: Happy Hancock Ninety

dam: Sugar Six Bee

sire: Karens Six Bee

sire: Flying X 6
dam: Tee J Madonna Bee

dam: Pack Of Sugar

sire: Badger Buck 2
dam: Sugar Top Ryder

PG Six Bee Sugar 07 AQHA# 4953229 dun & gray, 14.2 hands, 1150 pounds, PG Six Bee Sugar 07 is a proven producer with 2 matched pairs of chromosomes (King P234 & Poco Bueno each had 1 matched pair of chromosomes and produced dynasties). Fancy cowboy gray, born a zebra striped, lineback dun that later grayed out, heavy bone and muscle, short back, long underline, long powerful hanging hip, big gaskin and stifle, deep V chest, strong heavy muscled forearm and heavy hanging shoulder, flat kneed, low hocked, beautiful head, big powerful jaws, big, pretty, soft, kind eye, outstanding, quiet disposition, really wants to please! A ranch using horse and proven producer with many of the industry's greatest foundation producers / genetics, and some of todays most outstanding cow horse performance individuals and producers, wrapped in one outstanding package. Carrying 37.50% Karens Six Bee; 25% PG Dry Fire; 18.75% Flying X 6; 12.50% Playgun, 9.375% Jackie Bee; 6.64% Grey Badger II. Line Bred 11X King P234; 11X Yellow Jacket; 10X Old Sorrel; 5X Waggoners Rainy Day; 4X Buck Hancock; 3X Blue Rock, who with 2 matched pairs of chromosomes, is bred to be an outstanding, dominant producer! See more pictures and read more here. 2014 Stud fee $750.

Royal Calibre

sire: Diamond Royal sire: Triple Royal sire: Royal King
dam: Royal Texas Bell
dam: Miss Royal Berry sire: Royal Feather
dam: Echols Miss Judy

dam: Kings Royal Coco

sire: Mount Royal King

sire: Triple Royal
dam: Criket Bar Trip

dam: Royal Brianna EQH

sire: Triple Royal
dam: Aldridges Princess

Royal Calibre (above) AQHA# 4100309 100% foundation bred. Liver chestnut, 14.3 hands, 1180 pounds, proven producer, 8 matched pairs of chromosomes. Calibre is the second highest percentage Royal King stallion alive, to the best of our knowledge. Exceptional natural cow, athletic abilities, big mover and stopper. Most people do not know much about Royal King and how exceptional a producer he was or what he accomplished with very limited showing. Calibre has produced exceptionally with every bloodline hes been crossed over, the high % Joe Hancock being some of his best. 56.250% Triple Royal, 48.828% Royal King, 31.25% King P234, 18.701% Zantanon, 14.063% Royal Texas, 12.207% Dolph, 10.437% Little Joe. Read more & see more pictures here. 2014 Stud fee: $1000.

Wright Cattle Co. Over the years in Texas, of all the working bloodlines available out there, Blue Rock, Hollywood Gold and Gray Badger have produced some of the best Joe Hancock crosses for us. That is one thing we love about Seven and Happy Blue Badger 10, they both carry all three. In our experience, these 3 lines are the most important for adding natural cow, while not hurting size, bone or speed and the best in history proven blended over Joe Hancock. Anyone needing an outcross over high percentage Joe Hancock mares should really study and think about Seven, Badger and Whizard. $10 per day mare care; shipped cooled semen is available. PO Box 6 Dryden, TX 78851, email Wright Cattle Co or call 432-345-3047   (14y)


Red Rooster Hancock

sire: Hancock Duplicate sire: Lowry Boy 36 sire: Roan Hancock
dam: Lowry Girl 39
dam: Seminole Lucy sire: Blue Hancock
dam: Seminole Cupcake

dam: Hancock Amanda

sire: Seminole Charley

sire: Blue Hancock
dam: Mekasukey Lady

dam: Hancock Polly

sire: Lowry Boy 36
dam: Seminole Lucy

Walter Lamar and Hancock Duplicate
Red Rooster Hancock
(above), 1995, 25% Joe Hancock liver chestnut son of the late Walter Lamar's Hancock Duplicate (left); it is getting harder to keep the percentages up. If you have a high percentage Joe Hancock mare you'd like to breed, lets talk! Contact Jim Averill - call 480-982-1551 or email lzmqhorses@earthlink.net Lazy M Ranch, Willcox, AZ    (2014)


Okanogan Blue

Okanogan Blue

sire: Blue Apache Hancock sire: Hancocks Blue Boy sire: Mr Roan Hancock
dam: Bluebird Hancock
dam: Tigress Bar Leo
sire: Tiger Bars Chunk
dam: Leos Patron

dam: Crowheart Mira

sire: Wrangler Joe Hancock

sire: Big Stretch Hancock
dam: Azul Blue Hancock

dam: Tarvers Pepita

sire: Mr Roan Hancock
dam: Dee Reed Roan

Stallion Service: Okanogan Blue (click on photo above to open another larger picture) is a 2007 blue roan stallion by Blue Apache Hancock out of Crowheart Mira by Wrangler Joe Hancock. Weve been looking for the right Apache son for a long time and we feel he is what we were looking for. He is a huge horse with lots of bone, big feet, good withers and a good head. He is HZ roan and HZ black meaning all his colts will be roan and many of them will be blue roan. He is 25% Mr Roan Hancock, 20.31% Blue Valentine, 18.75% Salty Roan and 13.48% Joe Hancock. Joel of Promised Land Ranch, Wauconda WA

Twice Roaned

Twice Roaned

sire: Mr Roan Hancock sire: Salty Roan sire: Blue Valentine
dam: Glassy
dam: Gilo Jo Hancock
sire: Baldy Joe
dam: Gila Girl 3

dam: Dee Reed Roan

sire: Salty Roan

sire: Blue Valentine
dam: Glassy

dam: Pepita Dee Reed

sire: Sunny Doane
dam: Span Kit
Stallion Service: Twice Roaned (click on photo above to open another larger picture) AQHA #3493780, 1996 brown homozygous roan (and probably black, report pending); Partnership stallion offered to the public, located in the northwest. Twice Roaned is a complete type stallion: He embodies all the traits Hancocks are loved for - size, color, conformation, bone & foot, and gentle disposition with tremendous try & athletic ability. Twice Roaned puts Salty Roan twice on the registration papers of his foals. This 16.1 hh stallion is a product of some of the best breeding programs in the industry; email Shag of Rocking R Bar Hancocks, Newberg OR, or Joel of Promised Land Ranch, Wauconda WA


1993 AQHA 96% foundation blue roan stallion,
39% BV 25% Mr Roan Hancock 16.9% JH,
15 hh, 1250 lbs - homozygous black EE a/a and roan Rn/Rn

sire: Hancocks Blue Boy sire: Mr Roan Hancock sire: Salty Roan
dam: Gila Jo Hancock
dam: Bluebird Hancock sire: Apache Joe Hancock
dam: WYO Lady 24

dam: Valentines Blue

sire: Blue Dart Reed

sire: Blue Valentine
dam: Miss Dart

dam: Hancocks Fanny

sire: Blue Dart Reed
dam: Freddys Joy

Lazy M Salty Blue

"Salty" or Lazy M Salty Blue

"Salty" piloted the Roan Zygosity test with UC Davis in Feb 2009 that is available for all roan quarter horses today. He is homozygous for the black gene, carries no agouti (bay gene) and is homozygous for the roan gene. He has great conformation, bone and muscle and reproduces it in his foals that have sound minds and athletic ability. Many of our mares are daughters of, Salty; inquire with us early in the spring to get your choice of blue roan foal. Salty has retired, there won't be any more.

1997 AQHA blue roan stallion - homozygous black EE a/a
15+ hh, 1200 lbs, 46.9% Blue Valentine, 75% Rowdy Blue Man

sire: Rowdy Blue Man sire: Blue Valentine sire: Red Man
dam: Beautys Dream
dam: Hydel Girl 44 sire: Mandys Dart
dam: Hydel Girl

dam: Silver Blue Ribbon

sire: Rowdy Blue Man

sire: Blue Valentine
dam: Hydel Girl 44

dam: Trips Red Ribbon

sire: Tripolay Bar
dam: Colonel Daisy Blue

Silver Blue Hancock

Silver Blue Hancock aka Rowdy, an own son of Rowdy Blue Man, foaled at Fred Gist's Wagon Wheel Ranch in Lometa, TX. Rowdy has been roped off and shown. He has won $$ in roping and continues to be shown. Rowdy is a high percentage roan producer and will never produce a sorrel foal. He will be standing for live cover only.

2009 AQHA blue roan stallion - homozygous black EE a/a & roan Rn/Rn
32% Blue Valentine, 37.5% Mr Roan Hancock

sire: Lazy M Salty Blue sire: Hancocks Blue Boy sire: Mr Roan Hancock
dam: Bluebird Hancock
dam: Valentines Blue sire: Blue Dart Reed
dam: Hancocks Fanny

dam: Tuf Babystar Hancock

sire: Baldy Valentine

sire: Mr Roan Hancock
dam: Alice Bluegown

dam: Baby Star Hancock

sire: Mr Roan Hancock
dam: Baby Starbine

MJM Saltys Blue Boy

Blue Boy

Blue Boy is much like his sire, who he stands in as replacement for now.

RoansRUs stallions are available for stud service, live cover only (no shipped semen available). Stallion fees P/T - Mare Care $5 a day (no mares w/ foal at side). Roans R Us, Battle Creek MI (14y)


Plenty Coup Hancock

Plenty Coup Hancock

sire: Plenty Coup Hancock sire: Mr Roan Hancock sire: Salty Roan
dam: Gila Joe Hancock
dam: Bonnie Hayes sire: Gooseberry
dam: Bonny 02

Plenty Coup Hancock (click his picture above to open another large photo) youngstock occasionally for sale; Plenty Coup Hancock is a big powerful athletic 15.3 hh, 1300 lbs, blue roan (homozygous roan and homozygous black according to multiple foal crops), sire of successful ranch and performance offspring, and producer of top quality breeding horses. Dams of these young horses are bred similar, some have strong Buck Hancock & Grey Badger II bloodline as well. These horses are highly regarded in the industry. This is a linebred herd, with generations stacked w/ consistent quality & ability. This stallion produces foal crops like peas in a pod. Tarver Hancock Horses. WY  (2014)


"We Raise The Kind The Cowboys Ride" Standing for 2014: Several stallions at C-J Ranch. On all mares the first month mare care is free, $7 a day after that. If we don't get your mare in foal, you owe us nothing. Email Lee Jones. Randlett OK.

sire: War Concho sire: War Chief sire: Joe Hancock
dam: Big Mountain
dam: Brown Beulah sire: Driftwood
dam: Queen Anne

dam: Ikes Bomber

sire: Wayward Ike

sire: Driftwood Ike by Driftwood
dam: Katy Mas

dam: War Drift Miss

sire: War Drift by War Chief
dam: Arthur 31 by Eddie 60


War Train

War Train AQHA-3191591 1993 black stallion, 21.88% Driftwood, 17.19% Joe Hancock, smokey black - homozygous for the black gene and carries the cream dilute gene. Breeder: Henry Kibler. C-J Ranch in Randlett Oklahoma is proud to announce the recent acquisition of this exceptional using horse. War Train reproduces his keen intelligence and trainability. His get are proportioned, good-looking, and correct. Now breeding to a number of our best mares. 2014 Stud Fee $850; $6 per day mare care. Will only accept 10 outside mares, email.  (2014)

sire: Romeo Blue sire: Plenty Try sire: Gooseberry
dam: Heather Dividend
dam: Jenny Valentine sire: Blue Valentine
dam: Molly Hayes

dam: Dukes Ten

sire: Dukes Brother

sire: Leckliders Little Buck
dam: Jasmine Adair

dam: Chocolate Owl

sire: Night Owl
dam: Bows School Girl


Claytons Blue Duke

Claytons Blue Duke (above) 2000 blue roan stallion, AQHA #3986416. 15.1 hh, 1375 lbs. Dam is Ed Echols, Waggoner etc. Stud Fee $650. Standing at C-J Ranch in Randlett OK. (14)

sire: Ruano Rojo sire: Blue Valentine sire: Red Man
dam: Beautys Dream
dam: Moon Princess sire: Copper K
dam: Kitty Cannutt

dam: Silver San Tam

sire: Sak Em San

sire: Peppy San
dam: Brigands Vonnie

dam: Annie Drift

sire: Captain Crusade
dam: Candywood


Azure Rojo

For Sale / At Stud: Azure Rojo (above) AQHA #3319045 1994 blue roan stallion: One of the few blue roan sons of Ruano Rojo, out of a Sak Em San mare. Stud fee $650 until sold. C-J Ranch (14)

sire: Plenty Try sire: Gooseberry sire: Blue Valentine
dam: Fox Hastings
dam: Heather Dividend sire: Jets Sabre
dam: Heather Heller

dam: Jenny Valentine

sire: Blue Valentine

sire: Red Man
dam: Beautys Dream

dam: Molly Hayes

sire: Zandy
dam: (Texas Blue Bonnet daughter)


Romeo Blue
*(deceased 2013)

Romeo Blue

Reference: Romeo Blue (above) AQHA #3151289 1992 grullo roan stallion, 15.2, 1410 lbs. C-J Ranch


BPR Kronus of Asgard, 2nd Premium Stonewall Stallion, Standing For Stud at Sugarstone Farms. Warmblood stallion standing in Orlando Florida area, a rare Hancock influenced Sugarbush Draft. A.I. only. For more information email or call Sarah Berube Stetson, 540-223-0922

click on picture to open a larger photo


Luckies Blue Hancock
click on picture to open another larger photo

sire: Hancocks Double sire: Lowry Boy 36 sire: Roan Hancock
dam: Lowry Girl 39
dam: Cross 14 Bell sire: Lowry Boy 36
dam: Nines Two

dam: Double April Lowry

sire: Hancocks Double

sire: Lowry Boy 36
dam: Cross 14 Bell

dam: Shes My April

sire: Luckies Cocoa
dam: Cee Jay April
Luckies Blue Hancock, dark blue roan stallion

Luckies Blue Hancock AQHA 1996 blue roan stallion. Fred Gist really liked this horse's pedigree - he is over 80% Hancocks Double. Luckie is a very deep blue in color. Broke to ride, pasture and hand breeds. We raise our foals in the high mountain valley of Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado. Situated in the San Luis Valley with its great grasses, we produce colts with strong bone, good feet and willing attitudes. Our horses have performed well from calf roping to mounted shooting. Bloodlines include Joe Hancock, Rowdys Blue Man, Genuine Doc just to name a few. Bill Donnithorne, Latigo Ranch, HC 81 Box 672, Questa New Mexico 87556, phone 575-770-8937 or email: Latigo.Ranch@yahoo.com or LatigoRanch@redrivernm.com   (12)


VF Blue Jay

sire: P C Bronsin sire: Sun Frost sire: Docs Jack Frost
dam: Prissy Cline
dam: Red Rockette sire: John Red
dam: Lonsum Rocket

dam: Miss Racy Jay

sire: Hy Lucky Jay TB

sire: What Luck
dam: Hy Joni G

dam: Mini Moon

sire: Lady Bugs Moon
dam: Mini Charge

Introducing: VF Blue Jay AQHA 2000 blue roan stallion, Hookin J Farm, email Jessica or call 479-264-9958 Cleveland AR    (11-14)


Blue Roan Stallion [SOLD]
AQHA Coal Smooth Cash is a 14 year old blue roan stud. My boss bought this horse 5 years ago with the intention of breeding some mares. His business picked up so the mares never got bought. He is tired of looking at him as a pasture ornament, he would rather have black cows (go figure). With Blue Valentine, Gooseberry, and Dash for Cash on his papers, he could still provide someone with some beautiful well bred babies. If you need any additional information please call me at (903) 576-4498. Price reduced, boss wants him sold. Longview TX
Every once in a while, I run across an ad on Craigs List or Facebook, that I feel belongs on our site here. Just for the sake of networking, no paid ads etc. This was one of those. Here's what happened next:

Saturday, October 13, 2012 9:35 PM
"You have this Stallion listed for sale on your Stallion page. I purchased him from the seller on September 10th of this year and wanted to let you know you may remove him as being for sale. I'm not sure how he ended up on your site for sale as the seller did not list him here but I am glad you did because that is how I found him. This stud is a special case. He has been in my family since he was born. My cousin bred and raised him from birth then sold him as a 9 year old to our Vet for breeding. This was all before I actually met my cousin. Our Vet in turn sold him to the man I purchased him from and he owned him for 5 years but did not breed him. I found him on your site and was so happy to be able to bring him back into our family again. He will be a great asset to our breeding program and will never leave the family again. Thank you again for posting him on your site!! Best Regards," Michelle Yates, AM PM Ranch


WWR King Hancock
WWR King Hancock, 15.3 hands, 1310 pounds; one of the higher percentage
Joe Hancock stallions alive today; bred byWagon Wheel Ranch, Lometa, TX
and once again owned by Wagon Wheel Ranch/Gist Quarter Horses.


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NIghthawk Hancock***********************************

In Search Of:
"Boxcar" Hancock stud. Looking for a stud that stood in Emmett, Idaho; cutting horse, blue roan, can't remember ranch name; please help. Chelle Smidt 503-320-9614 u can send text or e-mail at k5yot3@hotmail.com, thank you. Jul 17, 2013.


For Sale: 2005 AQHA bay roan stallion. Well broke cow horse experienced in roping and sorting. Goes back to Apache Joe Hancock and Quarter Hancock. ($3000) If interested contact Mike Christensen (435) 749-7070 or email. Emery, Utah


WANTED: your free text ad
stallion for sale,
lease or want ad goes here.


photo credit above, right: Night Hawk Hancock, owned by Tara Body
photo taken by trainer, Brent Trout, Alberta


Jim West Ranches in Nevada... using Hancock Horses the old fashioned way
Jim West Ranches in Nevada... buckaroos using their Hancock stallion

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General Honor System & Case by Case Approach. Donna Grace, weblackey This website is a family style project, and we do everything here with a personal touch. Michelle & I (Donna Grace) are the sole owners of this website and I am the sole weblackey of this site. We answer to no one other than you, our members, when it comes to our policies and how we administer them. MichelleWe have a strong sense of fair play solidly in place, and we promise to always try to give more to our members than we ask in return. In order to do that effectively, as resident weblackey, I reserve the right to administer our policies here on our website, on a case by case basis. In certain situations, I may handle one case differently from another case. If I did not reserve the right to do that, I might succumb to a situation where those taking unlimited advantage of our generous policies would force me to change and restrict our policies for all those of you who happily enjoy, honor & benefit from, their underlying intent. So, to avoid that happening, Michelle & I will continue to administer our policies as we see fit, and to accept, edit, and/or refuse any ads or submissions. This is our way of honoring & appreciating our fantastic membership, and still keeping HancockHorses.com enjoyable & rewarding for everybody involved. All questions, accusations, complaints, whining, kudos, and other commentary are cheerfully accepted by emailing me.  

We are not responsible for any misrepresentation, etc. and do not represent any guarantees of any kind.

Hancockhorses.com is the website for targeting & marketing the best quality that exists
in this industry, and is a reliable source for buyers and sellers alike.

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“A horse is a horse, it ain´t make a difference what color it is.”  John Wayne