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hancock horses stallion directory

Stallions for Sale

Fisher Quarter HorseDriftin Chip Hancock DRIFTIN CHIP HANCOCK AQHA #5716627
2015 Blue Roan Stallion
99% FQHR 94% NFQHA

sire: Midnight Driftwood sire: Drifts Chip sire: Double Drift
dam: Diamond Isle
dam: Roanee Risk sire: A Le Bar Isle
dam: Risky Doll

dam: Wyo Blue Drift Dolly

sire: WYO Blue Bonnet

sire: Leo Hancock Hayes
dam: Mandys Sue Hawk

dam: Trujillo Diamond

sire: Mr. Orphan
dam: Red Kewpie Doll

4 X Blue Valentine (14.06%)
4 X Red Man
13 X Joe Hancock (through 4 sons & 2 daughters)
4 X Driftwood (through 2 sons & 2 daughters)
6 X King
2 X Plenty Coup
2 X Roan Hancock
6 X Leo
23 X Peter McCue
28 X Traveler
5 X Texas Blue Bonnet
AQHA 5 Panel DNA tested N/N
UC DAVIS tested E/E A/a homozygous black
Regardless of what he is bred to, he cannot sire sorrel or chestnut.
Chip is a big, quiet stallion prospect; a classic Blue Valentine-Driftwood cross. Started under saddle with around 60 rides.
Disposition, Conformation, Breeding and Color
FOR SALE $10,000

XXX Finley Hancock Winlock Washington

2016 Blue Roan Stallion
96% FQHR 95% NFQHA

sire: Famoso Azul Hancock sire: Leo Hancock Hayes sire: Blue Valentine
dam: Doll 01
dam: Red Mans Girl sire: Rowdy Blue Man
dam: Mia Hancock

dam: Blue Chick Valentine

sire: Leo Hancock Hayes

sire: Blue Valentine
dam: Doll 01

dam: Hancocks Blue Breeze

sire: Hancocks Blue Boy
dam: Mayme Hancock

2 X Leo Hancock Hayes (50%)
14 X Blue Valentine (41.02% through 3 sons & 3 daughters)
19 X Red Man (21.19% through 1 son & 1 daughter)
35 X Joe Hancock (15.23% through 7 sons)
7 X Leo
24 X Peter McCue
11 X Traveler
8 X Texas Blue Bonnet
AQHA 5 Panel DNA tested N/N
UC DAVIS tested E/E a/a homozygous black & Rn/Rn homozygous roan
Regardless of what he is bred to,
he can only sire blue, bay, grullo or buckskin roan foals.
Disposition, Conformation, Breeding and Color
Finley is quiet, calm & smart. He will catch you and follow you anywhere. Finley has been started under saddle with about a dozen rides. Finley was hand bred to 3 mares in 2018 & all 3 have been ultra-sounded safe in foal for 2019.
FOR SALE $20,000

see more info on our website, plus 2 more prospects for sale:
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Leo, Laurel & Family




PNA Travelin HancockFor Sale:
PNA Travelin Hancock
AQHA Quarter Horse stallion, 88% foundation, 15.2 hh, 5 panel negative. Gorgeous blue roan Hancock stallion. Hank is easy to keep, trailers well, and is nice to ride. Hank has sired over 90 foals. Email Sam Halls, his cell is 905- 649-0548. Heritage Hollow Foundation Quarter Horses, Oakwood, Ontario. $6000 CAD

NLD Ranch raises stacked generations of hard working ranch horses. Two lines to Salty Roan from some of Gary Tarvers great program. The Two Fox horses were top ranch horses in Montana, built right with long smooth trot, natural cutting ability and sweet willing temperament. You can't go wrong with this pedigree.

PNA Travelin Hancock

sire: NLD Jo Fly Hancock sire: NLD Eddie Hancock sire: Mr Roan Hancock
dam: Baby Starbine
dam: 2 Winged Fly sire: Two Fox Fire
dam: Nug Bar Jo

dam: NLD Lilly Hancock

sire: Black Eddie Hancock

sire: Red Eddie Hancock
dam: Jean Vee Hancock

dam: Punch Bag

sire: Mutton Puncher
dam: Tarvers Rose


Stallions at Stud

Ricochet Valentine Z AQHA 5562402, 2013 bay roan stallion, Texas
for more information, email Terrence Till <terrencetill@gmail.com>

sire: Ricochet Valentine sire: Ricochet Tucker sire: Hancocks Blue Boy
dam: Tigeress Leo Hancock
dam: Whitehead Doc Sandy sire: Doc O Glo
dam: Whitehead Sweet Juana

dam: Bamba Peppy Doc

sire: Smart Peppy Doc

sire: Doc O'Lena
dam: Smart Peppy

dam: Bamba Oro

sire: Colonel Freckles
dam: Dancing Gold


Red Rooster Hancock
Red Rooster Hancock
is a 1995, 25% Joe Hancock liver chestnut son of the late Walter Lamar's Walter Lamar and Hancock DuplicateHancock Duplicate (left). It is getting harder to keep the percentages up. If you have a high% Joe Hancock mare you'd like to breed, lets talk! Contact Jim Averill - call 480-982-1551 or email lzmqhorses@earthlink.net
Lazy M Ranch, Willcox, Arizona (2014)

Red Rooster Hancock

sire: Hancock Duplicate sire: Lowry Boy 36 sire: Roan Hancock
dam: Lowry Girl 39
dam: Seminole Lucy sire: Blue Hancock
dam: Seminole Cupcake

dam: Hancock Amanda

sire: Seminole Charley

sire: Blue Hancock
dam: Mekasukey Lady

dam: Hancock Polly

sire: Lowry Boy 36
dam: Seminole Lucy


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